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ePortfolios and more:  the developing role of ePortfolios within the digital landscape.

A collaborative international seminar

Dublin City University, 23-25 May 2018.

Provisional programme:  subject to development

Day 1 Allowing participants to appreciate ‘leading edge’ thinking, enlarge their own understandings, and contribute to the understandings of us all.

10.30 Registration open / refreshments available.

11.30  Opening and welcomes:  Tracy Penny Light, Chair, AAEEBL Board of Directors, Fiona Harvey, Chair, CRA Board of Trustees and Steve Outram, Director, CRA.

12.00  ‘ePortfolios and the digital landscape: bookending the Seminar’. Janet Strivens, CRA and Rob Ward, CRA, Member, AAEEBL Board.

13.00  Lunch

14.00  ‘Looking Ahead:  the developing digital landscape’.

Mark Brown, Director, National Institute for Digital Learning, Dublin City University.

14.30  ‘Building upon our conversations: locating eportfolios within the developing landscape’. Kathi Yancey, Kellogg W. Hunt Professor of English, Florida State University, USA.  Member, AAEEBL Board.

15.15 ‘Planning your Seminar’: identifying some key questions which we – the participants – are looking for answers to.   To include an introduction to Special Edition Journal publication.

16.00 Break

16.30 ‘Opening up the seminar: first parallel sessions.’ Your choice from:

  1. ‘Learning that Counts.’ Terrel Rhodes, Association of American Colleges and Universities, .
  2. ‘Who Am I?: Exploring Stories of Learning and Values for Future Success.’ Tracy Penny Light, Thompson Rivers University/ AAEEBL.
  3. ‘The Learning Portfolio in Higher Education: A Game of Snakes and Ladders?’ Darina Scully, Dublin City University, Ireland.
  4. ‘SIG ePortfolio Switzerland, a strategy under scrutiny.’ Nadia Spang Bovey and Patrick Roth, University of Lausanne/University of Geneva.

17.30  Close of day 1.

17.50  Seminar Gala reception, 1838 Restaurant, Albert College, concluding by 19.15.

Evening at leisure.

Day 2 Multiple parallel sessions on seminar themes with participants choosing sessions to attend.

09.00 Registration (day delegates only).
09.20 Introductions to day 2…

Leaders and participants are asked to note that five minutes has been built into every session for ‘Session Review’, and that this will form an essential precursor for the 10.40 session on Day 3.   Further details will be provided in the Seminar Pack.  In addition, we have also allowed time to move between rooms within the seminar programme.

9.35 – 10.20


‘Charting a course from classroom to career: Manhattanville College’s Atlas Compass class.’

Gillian Greenhill Hannum, Manhattanville College USA.

AePRs Future Direction: The Executive Team Presents a Big Picture Road Map’.

Samantha Blevins, Radford University and Cindy Stevens, Wentworth Institute of Technology, USA.

‘Managing the portfolio machine: Making formative & summative assessment work in modules (courses), programmes (degrees), and institutions.’

Joy Robbins, University of Bradford, UK.

Designing Training and a Community of Practice for a Campus-Wide ePortfolio Implementation.’

Miko Nino, Virginia Tech, USA.



10.25 – 10.55

Research Papers

‘Using the Experience API (xAPI) to capture informal learning to an ePortfolio.’

Richard Price, Health Education England, UK.


 ‘One Size Does Not Fit All: Making General Education Pathways Through the Curriculum and the Co-Curriculum at Boston University.’

Gillian B. Pierce, Boston University, USA.


 ‘Relevance of Web-based Portfolios within “Showcase Portfolios”- a Dimension of UCL Connected Curriculum’s Research-based Learning Initiatives.’

Kshipra Kulkarni, Evelyn Mantoiu and Nicholas Grindle, Arena Centre for Research-based Education, University College London, UK.

‘The SCPHN competency ePortfolio: fostering learner agency in the workplace.’  Barbara Nicolls and Jane Wright, Buckinghamshire New University, UK.

Research Papers

‘Exploring ePortfolios in Teacher Education for Creative Teaching and Learning.’ Regina Murphy and Francis Ward, Dublin City University, Ireland. ‘From a CV to an ePortfolio” An exploration of adult learner’s perception of the ePortfolio as a jobseeking tool.’

John Kilroy, Harvest Resources Ltd, Ireland.


‘Personal Development Planning (PDP) and ePortfolios: Arranged marriage or true love?’

Sue Lowe and Maria-Luisa Perez-Cavana, the Open University, UK.

‘Introducing ePortfolios as a method of assessment.’

Michele O’Sullivan and Geraldine Lavin, Dublin City University, Ireland.



Research Papers

 ‘Students’ and teachers’ perceptions about the use of ePortfolios as learning tools in the Early Years Education Degree in Mondragon Unibertsitatea.’

Sirats Santa Cruz, Nagore Ipiña and Eugenio Astigarraga, Mondragon Unibertsitatea, Spain.

‘Where am I? Where am I going? Navigating the Higher Education experience with the Plymouth Compass.’ Emma Purnell, University of Plymouth, UK. ‘Integration of Reflective ePortfolio Practice with Authentic Assessment for Visualising Teamwork Skills Attainment and Awareness: a Model System for STEM Disciplines.’

Patsie Polly, UNSW Sydney, Australia.


‘Do ePortfolios measure up as a strategy to assess Learning Gain?: a pilot study.’

Alfredo Gaitan, University of Bedfordshire, UK.

Lunch, followed by Workshop/demonstration led by PebblePad-Logo-400
13.45-14.40 Workshops


‘Harnessing an unconference approach to develop ePortfolio competencies.’

Lisa Donaldson, DCU and Karen Buckley, Hibernia College, Marino Institute of Education, Ireland.

‘My Experience – Recognising Prior Learning (RPL) with an ePortfolio assessment tool.’

Gavin Clinch, IT Sligo and Carina Ginty, GMIT, Ireland.


‘Developing the Digital Capabilities of the Health and Care Workforce in the United Kingdom.’

Richard Price, Health Education England, UK.

‘E-portfolios in Degree Apprenticeships.’ Clara Andres and David Taylor, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK.



Research Papers/Workshops/Ignite sessions

‘Developing critical thinking through ePortfolio based learning: an exploration of the experiences of online distance learners.’

Orna Farrell, Dublin City University, Ireland.


‘Tuigeann Anois! Creating Irish Language ibooks using an online collaborative learning environment.’

Kathryn Scannell, Dublin City University/Le Chéile Secondary School, Ireland.

Research Paper

‘What Difference Does It Make? Using Evidence and Experience from an ePortfolio to get a Job (and more).’

Paul Richards and Emma Purnell, University of Plymouth, UK.


Ignite sessions:

‘The implementation of an institutional employability award at Durham University.’

Donna Hay and Denise McBride, Durham University, UK

‘Reflecting on employability skills when it’s only assessment scores that matter.’

Tracey Coppins, Keele University, UK.



‘Exploring the Digital Landscape: Turning First Year Students into Budding Student Leaders.’

Loren McDermott, Manhattanville College, USA.

‘Using Badges and ePortfolios to support Digital Capabilities.’

Fiona Harvey, University College of Estate Management, UK.


‘Two birds, one portfolio: utilising ePortfolios for assessment evidence of Teaching and Learning engagement.’

Briony Supple and Claire Fennell, University College Cork, Ireland.

16.05 – 17.00


‘E-Portfolios in initial teacher education (ITE) to promote reflection and professional development: a case study.’

Catherine Mulryan-Kyne and Suzanne Stone, Dublin City University, Ireland.


‘When is a portfolio not a portfolio?’

Shane Sutherland, Pebblepad, UK.

‘Evolving Digital Student Records: A report on the CLR Project in the U.S.’

Tom Green, Associate Executive Director, AACRAO, USA.

‘PREPARE: Promoting reflective practice in the training of teachers using ePortfolios.’ Gerd Bräuer. University of Education Freiburg, Germany.

Day 3: ePortfolios and the emerging digital landscape: synergies, tensions and opportunities. 

Working together on:

  • Articulating perspectives on ePortfolios in the context of the present and future digital landscape…
  • Consolidating our learning and considering how we might work collaboratively in the future.

09.00  Registration (day delegates only).

09.30  Final Parallel session opportunity. Your choice from:

‘Designing an ePortfolio Curriculum: Possible Models, Possible Opportunities.’

Kathi Yancey, Kellogg W. Hunt Professor of English, Florida State University, USA.  Member, AAEEBL Board, Susan Kahn, Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis, Member, AAEEBL Board, and Sharon Burns, Clermont College, USA.

‘Digital Trailblazers: Developing Peer Leaders To Support Campus-Wide ePortfolio Use at Two Institutions in Two Countries.’

Daniel Auld, John Jay College – CUNY, USA and Lisa Donaldson, Dublin City University, Ireland.

‘Lessons Learned from an ePortfolio Student Showcase: A Case Study.’

Miko Nino, Virginia Tech, USA.

‘Using E-Portfolios to Capture Learning Gain from Work Placements.’

Lynsay Pickering, University of Dundee, UK



10.20  Break

10.40  ‘From us to you: ‘ePortfolios and the emerging digital landscape: synergies, tensions and possibilities’? Feedback from Members of the Seminar Planning Committee.

(Including an opportunity for small group discussion).

On from here: making the most of your experience in developing our community: e.g. around Special Interest Groups, in respect of research collaboration, resources development.

(Concludes by 11.55).

12.00 ‘The Comprehensive Learner Record in the Digital Age: Connecting to the Dublin Seminar’.  Amber Garrison Duncan, Strategy Director, Lumina Foundation.

12.45  Close, thanks.

13.00  Farewell Gala Celebration luncheon. 1838 Restaurant, Albert College. Depart.

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